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  • Tarih : 15.12.2012

4. Migration and Origins

Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association in cooperation with TPA Bursa 

Bursa Psychoanalytical Days 4


“Migration and Origins”


15–16 December 2012 

Bursa Atatürk Congress and Culture Centre




15 December

Opening Speech 

Ayça Gürdal Küey


Moderator: Can Yavaşcaoğlu


"Migration and Sorrow: Melodies, Traces"

Levent Küey


"Micheal Jackson - Migration Towards One's Own Body"

Aslı Bilgin


Moderator: Hatice Akova


"Migration from Addiction to Autonomy"

Hacer Rüzgâr


“From Childhood to Adolescence, on Migratory Routes”

Oytun Hastürk


Moderator: Evrim Erten


“Forced Migration and Uncanny”

Azad Barış


“To Migrate or Not to Migrate?”

Ali Algın Köşkdere


16 December


Moderator: Mithat Sertel


"Migration, Identity and Adaptation"

Birmay Çam


"Migration, Untransferable Past and Language"

Hatice Nihal Aslan



Moderator: Nesrin Koçal


“Progressively There is more Past”

Melih Özeren


"Being Less, Being Different: Before and After Immigration"

Pınar Padar 



Moderator and Discussant

Vehbi Keser


Case Presentation and Discussion

Behice Boran